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GOLDEN DIVINE CREATIONS Handicrafts opens the doors to ethnic India, as you travel through our pages, each of which has unique images of Indian Handicrafts collection accompanied by a crafts information write ups on its art, technique, tradition along with a reason for its attractiveness and utility. Information on a vast variety ranging marble gift articles, wooden art, Photo Frames, Indian Paintings, Wall Hangings, Sculptures, Pottery, Handcrafted articles, Home Decoration etc. can be found here at ease.
RAJASTHAN, the land of Raja 's and Maharaja's formally known as "Rajputana" is known for its Arts & Crafts work. The union of 22 princely states and integration of former state of Ajmer formed the state of Rajasthan. The strong and lively people here have a tradition of art and craft so rich and colorful that the land today is a tourist paradise. Centuries old skills in the traditional craft continues to produce some of the exciting work on stone, clay, leather, wood, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and hand made paper.
The artisans and craftsmen who had flourished since the princely period found to meet the national and international taste with the upcoming of tourism industry in Rajasthan. We at "Golden Divine Creations" provide much needed platform to both artisans and admires in the heart of Pink City , Jaipur.
"Golden Divine Creations" had been into existence lot of years from now. Sheer hard work and persistent efforts of promoters to get the best, resulted in fast growth and expansion of company horizons. Today "golden divine creations" is synonymous to "Quality" In handicraft sector of India. Each and every product that we sell is meticulously crafted by highly skilled craftsmen who are experts in their fields and some are awarded in the field of art and crafts.
Our company's motto targeting at quality, ensures co-determined delivery schedule helps us in developing cordial relationship with our customers. We cater to expand global market that requires a dynamic innovatory approach in product range, functional facility and aesthetic appeal.
We shall be highly privileged to satisfy one and all with the enquiries which we solicit from the individual, firms/companies dealing and interested in this type of trade in any corner of the world.